Purple crocus poking through the snow on April 5, 2011A few brave crocus are opening, showing Spring is arriving even when snow is still around.  This picture was taken today, looking down  from a couple of feet.  Some buds are coming up through a couple of inches of crusty snow.

Other signs of Spring are the arrival of eastern phoebes, bluebirds, song sparrows and sandhill cranes.  They join the year-round residents like cedar waxwings, cardinals, chickadees, nuthatches, goldfinches and others.  The new arrivals are welcome and renew our spirits even though the ground is not thawed and we can’t get out and garden.

Can’t wait to see the first sprouts from our two prairies even though we’ve been warned that they won’t look like much the first year as prairie plants develop slowly from seed.  Got to believe the promise!

Happy Spring!