We are just delighted with Helen’s Summer Room since we redecorated! It’s such a popular room with some great features but since the roof leaked and there was some water da

With a fresh coat of paint and plush new carpeting this rooms exudes peace and comfort.

mage we were anxious to give it a “facelift!”

To decide what to do we focused on key features: windows overlooking the river and fireplace.  We removed wallpaper and painted to compliment the bricks in the fireplace. We rearranged furniture to maximize the view from the room by moving the bed and bringing up the antique rocking chair from the Parlor so you can look at the fire or river while cozy in the rocker. We got new, soft carpeting (color is “River Rock”) and it feels so nice to walk upon – to top it off  it’s made of recycled materials! We hung two amazing pictures taken by our friend, Tau, who loves to take photos of unique scenes in nature.  We’re also adding Norwegian touches since both Deb and Helen (the last Potts to be born in this house) are half Norwegian. We look forward to many guests enjoying Helen’s Summer Room.