Robert gave a slide show and spoke about taking a trip to Mars at the Winchester Academy in Waupaca.  The theme was “what to pack for the journey?”  For example, do you need a compass?  No, Mars has basically no magnetic field so a compass would be useless (the lack of a magnetic field is also the main reason it has such a thin atmosphere).  Robert worked on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, MRO, ( ) his last year at JPL playing a small but enjoyable part in the project.  His lifelong love and learning of science continue to be  an additional source of joy and inspiration while running the Inn.

P.S. Go see the Imax movie “Hubble 3D”! Besides the spectacular images and knowledge, you will get a new appreciation of the work done by  the Shuttles Astronauts.

P.P.S. Image is MRO’s picture of  Mars’ Victoria Crater.