We are committed to making as gentle impact on the earth as possible and to restore native plant communities and wildlife habitat on our eleven acres. We have begun our work of prairie restoration and invasives removal on this former farm.

This is a National Wildlife Certified habitat and “Travel Green Wisconsin” certified as well.

Here are just a few of the steps we have taken to be a green inn. We:

  • Brew only organic, fair traded coffee and offer a selection of organic, fair trade teas
  • Serve fresh vegetables from our garden, harvest local wild fruit and make all our jellies and jams, purchase local food and services
  • Use Energy Star appliances and CF or LED lights on replacement
  • Recycle all appropriate waste and encourage guests to recycle in convenient containers
  • Compost kitchen and yard waste
  • Change guest bath linens every 2 days, bed linens every 4 days or on request
  • Provide bathroom amenities by dispenser instead of tiny, single use bottles
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Landscape with native plants
  • Re-establish and maintain prairie to maximum extent (~4 acres)
  • Maximize bird/critter habitat with birdhouses, feeders, maintain and restore natural habitats.

We are committed to improving the natural habitat and are members of the following environmental organizations: