We’re converts to Wisconsin organic flour! Robert made a remarkable find and we went right down to Lonesome Stone Milling in Lone Rock, Wisconsin, as we began our vacation last month. About an hour’s drive south is a small town (with a fabulous restaurant – but I digress) with a family owned stone mill. The miller gave us samples and I was so surprised to taste the difference between what they produce and grocery store flour. O My Goodness! Back at home I immediately made our whole wheat bread and it was SO delicious. There’s no going back. Robert put in an order so we’ll use only Lonesome Stone Milling flour for all our cooking and baking. By using these flours we support 4 family farms, 1 family-owned small business with 2 hard-working employees, 1 visionary investor and 1 small town! Check out their web site: www.lonesomestonemilling.com

LSflourDec2013My 100% whole wheat bread. Not a hint of bitterness – just pure wonderful! Our guests loved it.