CRISignEastACIt’s a rainy and glorious fall day in Rural – even though it’s cloudy the colors are stunning!  Today we had a women’s retreat in our Granary which included walking our labyrinth. As we approached the upper prairie we gasped, “It’s beautiful!” The clouds were low in the sky seeming to enclose the prairie giving the sensation of  being in our own little world. There were a few yellow prairie flower blossoms but most are spent as even they are preparing for winter sabbath. The rain came but the women were dressed to meet the weather challenge. Only when it began to thunder did they return to the warm, dry shelter of the Granary. At the end of the retreat several commented about how their experience here today, connecting with the earth and nature, was so meaningful. Even the rustic feel of the Granary with the large rough wood beams made nature feel close. We all need a day away for quiet and reflection as well as learning and sharing. We voiced our appreciation that we took that time away together today.