We have been a part of the fair trade movement for many years – we’ve always had fair trade coffee and tea here at the inn but now we’re branching out to include Equal Exchange travel mugs for sale.  We’ve rearranged the Welcome Room and removed the doors from the large green cabinet, painted it and have information and items available in it for our guests. Recently we connected with a Wisconsinite who travels to Cambodia to help at an orphanage.  While there she buys hand crafted items to sell here in the U.S. When I saw the lovely earrings that children made and beautiful cloth and silk  jewelry cases women made, I wanted to have them here for our neighbors and guests to purchase. All proceeds go back to the Cambodian orphanage. It’s amazing that the cost of a year’s college is $600. By purchasing these items we’re contributing to young adults’ education who would not have this opportunity otherwise. Seeing these items I think of those who made them and am grateful we have a way to share them here.FairTradeItemSales