This morning I took our guests who are experienced birders on a trip to check our bird nest boxes at the southeast corner of our land.  As we approached box #7 we saw two Eastern Bluebirds swooping around it. We saw one “hand off” (by beak) some type of food to another who took it into the box. When we arrived at the box a few minutes later (we’d stopped near a rocky site in which we’ve seen killdeer eggs in the past). In the nest boxwe found five Eastern Bluebird chicks – about a week old. They are so delicate and we were so delighted! The parents were flying around the box anxious for us to leave so we did not linger. On the way back to the inn we heard a tiny call and movement in the grass then we spied what we think was a bluebird chick, not yet able to fly but able to stumble through the grass and flutter its wings pretty well. We didn’t see adults around but hope they are near and wish long and healthy life for baby bluebird.