This indigo bunting, below the goldfinch, was photographed here last year by a guest - what a beauty!

Our guests pointed out the indigo bunting at the thistle seed feeder yesterday morning.  Such an amazing blue! Last year we saw indigo buntings for a week so I hope we have them a bit longer – haven’t seen it today but I wasn’t looking for it. As Robert and I ate in the gazebo we saw both male and female grosbeaks – I just love them and we usually have them all summer. Such a startling red on the male’s throat. The female has what looks like white eyeliner! We were overjoyed to see a flicker really chowing down on the peanut and suet feeders. That is such a large and beautiful bird. We sat there enjoying lunch overlooking the Crystal River and once again said, “Such a joy to see . . .  And we live here!”