Massage Therapist

Massage is an excellent way to relax body and mind also to assist in and improve

»      energy flow

»      blood flow

»      lymphatic congestion

»      healing for tired or overworked muscles

»      postural issues

»      detoxing the body


Professional Massage Therapists are skilled at tailoring the session to fit the needs of the client, for instance to assist with a problematic muscular issue or to “just relax.”  It is your time for renewal.



  • 60 minute massage ~ Excellent for stress relief and relaxation, muscular fatigue or imbalance. Deep tissue massage with triggerpoint is available for those with specific concerns such as sports injuries. Full body massage enhances lymphatic flow which improves our overall health. ($60)
  • 90 minute massage ~ Sessions which optimize the therapeutic value of massage, often a combination of massage and energy healing such as CranioSacral Therapy or Healing Touch. Very centering and calming. ($90)


Please note that a health intake form is required prior to the massage, and in the case of some health issues massage may be contraindicated.



To schedule an appointment during your stay please contact the Inn.